The electromagnetic field equation


our electron model, we find out that the electromagnetic field has satisfied the 5 equations (4.1), (5.1), (10.7), (11.7), (12.7), here we rewrite each one of the equations as follows:


The Gauss Law of Electric Field:




The Gauss Law of Magnetic Field:




The velocity of electromagnetic field equation:




The hydroelectric equation:




The hydromagnetic equation:




Let us consider one special case based on the above 5 electromagnetic field equations, the free charge electromagnetic field in vacuum, which satisfies the following four conditions:







Then, based on above 4 conditions, we get:

















Thus, we can get the following 5 equations of the electromagnetic field in vacuum of free charge, which are:






V=c (13.17)





Then based on the above 5 equations, we can get the Maxwell Electromagnetic Wave Equation in vacuum of free charge:




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