The velocity of the
electromagnetic field



As we know, the velocity , the mass m, and the momentum  has the follows relationship:




Let us make the assumption that the above relationship is also valid within the electromagnetic field. As we know for the electromagnetic field, the momentum density is:




Per our assumption, the mass origin is from the electromagnetic field energy, so the mass density inside the electromagnetic field is:




In which u is the electromagnetic field energy density:




Thus, the velocity of electromagnetic field is as follows:








As we know:






Equation (10.7) is the electromagnetic field velocity equation.


From the equation (10.7), we found out that the value of velocity  is always less than the speed of light c, when and only when both of the follows two conditions are satisfied, the velocity will equal to speed of light, which are:










Combine the equations (4.2) and (5.2) into (10.7), then we can get the velocity of electromagnetic field inside the electron as follows:




In which  is the azimuthal angle.


From the above equation, we find out that inside of the electron, the velocity is around the azimuthal direction, and that the speed inside of the electron has constant value.


As we know:









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